How to Remove Safe Finder on Mac OS


In this post, I will introduce how to remove Safe Finder, a notorious malware on multiple platforms.

This post is not a technical post but really helps.


Use Malwarebytes. I’m not advertising. And the free version works.


Safe Finder

I come across Safe Finder when I surf a website which requires me to upgrade my Flash Player. It is normal until I install a software called Player downloaded from that website.

My laptop gets out of my control and installs other strange software (I also begin to suspect the safety of the Mac OS). The strange software even makes my laptop stuck. I reboot it and find that my laptop is hijacked. I present the bad things the bunch of software does.

  1. It hijacks your homepage and search engines.

    Whatever you do to reset the preference of your browser, every time you reboot your computer, the “XXX search” comes again;
  2. It automatically installs other malware;
  3. You can remove it using Finder, but the browser still remains hijacked;

What Can I Do

I tried many ways. Note that when you google “How to remove Safe Finder”, some websites lead you to download other malware such as ComboCleaner. I get that engineers do know CamelCase.

As usual, what I present is what works.

  1. Download Malwarebytes. Free version works fine;
  2. Start manually scan;
  3. Show quarantine and clear it;
  4. Reboot.
  5. Set your preference of browsers and remove viral extensions.
  6. I believe things go well now.

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