SZ and RZ on MAC OS


In this post, I will introduce how to send files from a server to a local machine.


1. Use SCP

SCP is a well-known command.


2. Use Iterm and SZ&RZ

  1. Install Iterm
    Iterm with tmux helps me a lot.

  2. Install lrzsz in the server and the desktop.

sudo brew install lrzsz
sudo apt-get install lrzsz
  1. Intall two bash files.
    Go here.

  2. Add triggers.

iterm2 -->  press 'command' and ',' (open the preference) --> Profiles --> Default --> Advanced --> Triggers Edit

Add the following two triggers:

Regular expression Action Parameters
\*\*B0100 Run Silent Coprocess /usr/local/bin/
\*\*B00000000000000 Run Silent Coprocess /usr/local/bin/

Then we are all set.

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